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Temple C

History of Construction and Use:

Temple C and its precinct are located slightly to the northwest of the forum and the West Forum temples, on the road to Sikyon. Although the archaeological remains are not well preserved, the building was a Doric tetrastyle prostyle temple. Standing on a three-step krepidoma, rather than the typical Roman podium, Temple C measured roughly 11.3 X 19 m on the stylobate and was considerably larger than the other West Forum temples.

A Doric portico surrounded Temple C on the south, west and north. Principle access to the precinct was from the east where a Doric porch faced the road to Sikyon. There was also a rear entry from the west portico to the Glauke fountain house which it backed on to. Temple C and its surrounding portico do not share the same alignment. Temple C was probably constructed in the late Augustan period with the portico and porch built later. It is not known to which deity the temple was dedicated.


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Figure 1
Restored plan of Temple C in Corinth, A.D. 150

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