MAPS (one sheet in front pocket, one sheet in back pocket)
Mark Davison, Andrew B. Gallia, David Gilman Romano, and Nicholas L. Stapp, based on the work of all contributing authors
[S50, 7] Preface and Acknowledgements
Lothar Haselberger
[S50, 9] Mapping Augustan Rome: introduction to an experiment
Lothar Haselberger
[S50, 27 ]Urbs Roma: bibliography, models, and projects
[S50, 29] Making the map
David Gilman Romano, Nicholas L. Stapp, and Andrew B. Gallia
[S50, 38] Appendix A: Computer and software resources
[S50, 38] Appendix B: Map resources
Dorian Borbonus, Elisha Ann Dumser, Andrew B. Gallia, Ömür Harmansah, Lothar Haselberger, Eric J. Kondratieff, Thomas J. Morton, Carlos F. Noreña, Todd W. Parment, Guido Petruccioli, A. G. Thein, Kevin Tracy, & Günder Varinlioglu
[S50, 276] Bibliographic abbreviations
Elisha Ann Dumser

Cloth, 277 pages, 20 figures, 2 large colour maps in end pockets,
Main map 44 x 35 inches, scale 1 : 6000, Central area map 36 x 26 inches, scale 1 : 3000.
ISBN 1-887829-50-4. List price $109.50 Web price to individuals: $79.50

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