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2004 Olympics

Olympics on WHYY presents local and national coverage of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Through a series of features, previews and updates, WHYY-91 FM reports on the aspirarions, challenges and accomplishments of athletes, coaches and others involved with the competition. The segments will run during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

The Delaware Valley has a rich relationship with the modern Olympic movement, dating back to its origins in 1896. This year, the area is sending many athletes to compete at the home of the ancient and modern Olympics. Tune in to 91 FM for your Olympic coverage.


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Tennis Doubles
Tennis star Lisa Raymond Tennis star Lisa Raymond is fighting for an Olympic gold medal with her doubles tennis partner, the legendary Martina Navratilova. The team will have their hands full getting to the medal rounds. Sam Briger reports. [Listen] (8/20/04)
(photo by Fred and Susan Mullane, Camerawork/USA)


Ancient Olympics Expert
David Gilman Romano of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology The Opening Ceremonies of the 2004 Summer Olympics is only one day away. David Gilman Romano of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology has been on a dig in Greece for the past two months - and he's staying on in Athens for the games. WHYY's Aries Keck reports. [Listen] (8/11/04)
(image courtesy University of Pennsylvania)

Marathon Runner
Media, Pennsylvania marathon runner Jen Rhines Media, Pennsylvania athlete Jen Rhines will be running the marathon this year for the US team. Originally, a shorter distance runner, Rhines competed in the 2000 Olympics in the 10,000 meter race. In her third marathon ever, Rhines qualified to run the 26 mile event in this year's games. WHYY's Sam Briger reports. [Listen] (8/4/04)
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(image courtesy Apostolos Greek Tours)

Olympic Javelinist
Olympic Javelinist Brian Chaput Throwing the javelin is as much an art as it is a sport. Dating back to the ancient Olympics, the throwing event is still an important part of modern track and field. Coach John Taylor and his student, Olympic contender Brian Chaput took producer Marty Goldensohn out to their practice field to give him some pointers on the javelin throw. Brian Chaput is in the running for a spot on the Olympic team for this summer's games. He needs to hit the qualifying distance of 81.8 meters by August 9th. [Listen] (7/28/04)
Photo by David Silverman

The Heart of Cycling
The Heart of Cycling If you drive too fast on route 222 in the Lehigh Valley, you could miss the Daytona of the track cycling world. The epicenter for American track cycling is the small town of Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. Some of the world's greatest cyclists got their start on the valley's track including two of this year's Olympians. WHYY's Sam Briger reports. [Listen] (7/21/04)

Olympic Puppeter
Philadelphian and puppeter, Matthew Hart Philadelphian and puppeter, Matthew Hart, is taking part in the production of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics. WHYY's Aries Keck reports. [Listen] (7/14/04)

Rock, not Rocky
Rock, Not Rocky Philadelphia welterweight Rock Allen is fighting on the US Olympic Team. The boxer is a member of Philadelphia's Concrete Jungle Boxing Tribe, an organization run by his father and coach. Sam Briger met up with this father and son to discuss Allen's Olympic aspirations, their family and the Concrete Jungle. [Listen] (7/8/04)

Swimming with Shoulberg
Swimming with Shoulberg Fifteen miles from Philadelphia, Dick Shoulberg molds young swimmers into world-recognized athletes. This year, Shoulberg has two proteges aiming to make the US Olympic team. WHYY's Sam Briger traveled to Fort Washington to meet one of the country's most successful swim coaches. [Listen]

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